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Nightguards (Occlusal Splints)


You have just received a soft and hard night guard.  Wearing this guard at night frees the jaws from any tooth-related contact and can allow the lower jaw to return to a comfortable position.


Wearing theNightguard:

¨      Wear the guard only at night when you cannot control your jaw movements, unless otherwise instructed.

¨      Place the guard under warm water before inserting into your mouth.  This softens the soft inside slightly.

¨      Do not eat with the guard in your mouth.


Cleaning the Guard and Teeth:

¨      Plaque and tartar will accumulate on the guard. 

¨      The guard must be thoroughly cleaned every time it's removed from your mouth. 

¨      Use anti-bacterial soap (like Dial) and water and brush the guard with a toothbrush. 

¨      Do NOT use a denture cleaner.

¨      Brush and floss your teeth immediately after removing the guard.

¨      You may bring your guard with you to our office on any dental visit.  We will clean your guard in our ultrasonic cleaning unit.


Storage of the Guard:

¨      When you are not wearing the guard, store it in the container we gave you.

¨      You do not need to keep the guard moist during storage, unless it will be out of your mouth for an extended time (like more than a week). 

¨      Do NOT store the guard in mouthwash that has alcohol (like Listerine).

¨      Do not keep it near pets, especially dogs, they like them as toys.


Longevity of the Guard:

¨      Your night guard will eventually wear out or crack.  This is normal.

¨      You may need to replace the guard every year or it may function for many years.

¨      Please bring your guard with you at dental prophylaxis visits.  We will evaluate your guard at this time.



If you have any questions about the use and care of your occlusal night guard, please call our office: 202-244-1601.