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Onlays and Inlays

Gold and Porcelain Inlays


You have just had a gold or porcelain inlay filling cemented onto your teeth.  They are made of gold or porcelain, the finest and most up-to-date inlay materials.  They should give you many years of service if you will observe the following suggestions:


Preventive Procedures:     To provide optimum longevity for your restorations and prevent future dental decay and gum disease, please use the following preventitive procedures:

-Brush at least TWICE daily for at least TWO minutes.  We recommend using a "pea sized" amount of fluoride toothpaste as well.

-Use only soft or extra soft bristle toothbrushes, like Oral-B, or the Braun Triumph (or other Braun electric bush with "floss action" heads) toothbrush.

-Use FLOSS, bridge cleaners or SuperFloss daily.

-If recommended, swish vigorously with 0.2% neutral sodium fluoride daily before bedtime.


Follow-Up Visits:     Visit us at regular 3, 4, or 6 month examination periods.  Often problems that are developing around the inlays can be detected at an early stage and repaired easily.


Sensitivity:     All inlays may exhibit sensitivity to hot or cold liquids and foods and slight biting pressure.  This is very normal and doesn't mean there is a problem.  This sensitivity will gradually subside and disappear over a few weeks or months.


Eating/Chewing:     Do not chew hard foods on the restorations for 24 hours from the time they were cemented. The cement must mature for this length of time to have optimum strength.  NEVER eat hard, sticky, taffy-like food or candy.  The suction created can cause inlays to come off. Hard candy can cause porcelain to fracture.


Problems:    If one or more of the following conditions occurs, contact us immediately to avoid further problems:

---A feeling of movement or looseness in the restoration

---Breakage of a piece of material from the restoration

---Constant or severe sensitivity to pressure.


We have done our best to provide you with the finest quality restorations available today.  However, as with a fine automobile or watch, only your continuing care and concern can assure optimum service longevity.


If you have any questions about today's treatment, please call them at: 202-244-1601.