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Oral Surgery

After Surgery Instructions


Healing following the surgery you have just experienced is usually fast and uneventful if you follow the directions below.

  • Bleeding: Leave the gauze in for 30 minutes from now. ONLY if fresh bright red blood is present, replace the sterile gauze.  If the bleeding continues after this time, bite on a moistened tea bag for 30 minutes.  If you are still bleeding after this, please contact our office or Drs. Drumm & Catanzano at the numbers at the bottom of the page
  • Do not drink or eat hot foods today, as you may dissolve the healing blood clot.  Eat cool, soft, nutritious foods today.  Try to avoid eating near the extraction site. 
  • Do not stick anything into the extraction site for the next few days.  You may disturb the    blood clot, causing bleeding and slow healing. 
  • Don't eat hard or spicy foods for a few days.  If something hurts when you eat it, don't eat it.
  • Do not overexert yourself for the next 24 hours.
  • Do not use a straw or forcefully expectorate for 24 hours, this may cause the clot to come out.
  • Sutures (stitches):

___Were not placed.

___Were placed.  You will be given an appointment within 5 days to remove the stitches.

  • Pain:

___You have NOT been given a prescription for pain.  You should not experience much

discomfort. Take buffered aspirin or Tylenol for mild discomfort.  If you need something

           stronger, please call the office or page Dr. Drumm.

___You HAVE been given a prescription for pain.  Please take as directed.

  • Antibiotic

___You have been given a prescription for antibiotics.  Please take as directed.

  • Cold Application

___Use cold packs on the outside of your face near the surgery area for 2 hours.

Alternate 20 minutes on your face and then 20 minutes off your face for the 2 hours.


     After office hours, Dr. Catanzano can be reached at any time by page. Your call will be answered as soon as possible.


     If you have any questions about today's treatment, please call them at: 202-244-1601.