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Temporary Crown

Temporary or Provisional Crowns or


You have just received a plastic temporary or provisional crown cemented with temporary cement that will serve you for a short period of time.  A few comments about this temporary follow.

Care of the Temporary/Provisional:

·         The temporary cement holding the temporary crown requires about 2 hours to set.  Please do not eat or drink during this time.

·         Temporary crowns are not strong.  They may break or come off occasionally.  If so,        

      PLEASE CALL US and we will replace the temporary crown immediately.   

      Please Do Not Leave the Temporary Crown Out Of Your Mouth for any period of time.

      If You Do, The Teeth May Move and The New Crown or Bridge May Not Fit!

·         Certain foods will stick to the temporary crown. This will not happen with the new crown.

·         Keep the "gum" area around the temporary crown very clean.  Brush carefully, but do NOT floss on either side of the temporary crown.

·         Treat the "gum" area around the temporary crown with the chlorhexedine solution we have given you.  Following the instructions we gave you, using q-tips or a small brush, apply some of the solution to the gum area around the temporary crown.  Do this once or twice daily until you return to our office for the new crown.

Color, Shape, and Size:

     The color & shape of the plastic temporary crown do not resemble the new crown in any way.

Tooth Sensitivity:

     Temporary crowns can be sensitive to cold, hot or sweet foods, and to biting pressure.

     These conditions are very normal.


If you have any questions about today's treatment, please call them at our office: 202-244-1601.