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Intraoral Camera

In addition to our standard dental tools, we use an intraoral camera to help us better itentify, diagnose and illustrate a patient's dental needs. The intraoral digital camera provides education to patients about their dental hygiene along with providing an "up close" view of their teeth from angles that normally would be more challenging. The camera can provide a real-time image as well as printed picture of the mouth that can show the patient the areas which need to be worked on. It also provide insurance companies with proof of needed treatment.


What are the benefits of using an intraoral dental camera?


  • High-power magnification and lighting
  • Superiority to the naked eye
  • Ability to educate patients with clear pictures
  • Provides visualization for diagnosis and critical treatment
  • Better and more accurate documentation


Along with being hygienic and safe, using the intraoral camera is fast, efficient, effective and educational.